This online course is suitable for therapists who wish to learn how to remove hair from intimate areas using both hot and warm wax. There are many qualified therapists who have experience in using warm wax but little experience in hot wax. Our Online Intimate Waxing course will teach you to be skilled in the use of both hot and warm wax. Hot wax has the advantage of only gripping the hair and not the skin. Before the treatment even begins we emphasize and spend time on the importance of consultation, contra-indications and hygiene. In particular during consultation the therapist needs to offer a ‘progressive’ hair removal for the first time client. Next we cover all aspects of preparing the area, performing the treatment and aftercare. The student will really benefit from an experienced lecturer in hair removal because they will be able to pass on their experience on how to achieve great results whilst minimising the pain, which ultimately will lead to a loyal client following.


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Online Female Intimate Waxing Training


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