Online barbering courses provide you with a convenient alternative to in-person barbering school. With online barbering programs, you can learn to shave, cut, and style hair from the comfort of your own home. Most courses feature visual lessons, allowing you to see the techniques in action. You’ll also learn how to make haircuts for different types of hair and skin types and trim beards and mustaches.

Online Course Modules:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 and 2
    • Health and Safety Laws
  • Lesson 3
    • Sterilising Equipment & Therapist Appearance
  • Lesson 4
    • Anatomy & Physiology: The Skin and Structure of the Hair
  • Lesson 5
    • Scissors over Comb Step by Step Guide
  • Lesson 6
    • Cut Hair using Barbering Techniques
  • Lesson 7
    • Hair Characteristics and Classifications
  • Lesson 8
    • Types of Razors & Products
  • Lesson 9
    • Treatment and Tools
  • Lesson 10
    • Advance cutting Techniques: Step by Step Guide
  • Lesson 11
    • Barbering: Skin Fade
  • Lesson 12
    • Barbering: Beard Trim
  • Lesson 13
    • Parallel Layers (Male) Step by Step Guide
  • Lesson 14
    • Barbering: Wet Shave

You will be sent login details to access our Online Student Portal as soon as your booking is processed. You will be guided through your online course so you are clear what is required at each stage. You will work through the comprehensive study materials online at your own pace; including manual videos and multiple choice tests to help demonstrate your understanding. You must achieve 70% on each online theory test but can retake the tests as many times as you need. On completion you will receive a theory certificate which you will be able to download.


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Online Barbering Course