The course comprises a blended analytic approach, critically discussing the current literature surrounding facial anatomy and face ageing. It has been designed to instil a safe approach to non-surgical treatments such as all injectable techniques including PRP, botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, skin bio revitalization, etc.



Lesson 1: Structural Organisation Summary

Lesson 2: The muscular System

Lesson 3: Muscle Types and its Action, Upper & Lower Limb Muscles, Actions of Major Muscles of Head & Neck

Lesson 4: The Tongue

Lesson 5: How the Tongues Develops

Lesson 6: Actions of Major Muscles of the Back & Shoulders

Lesson 7: The Circulatory System

Lesson 8: Functions of the Blood

Lesson 9: The Lymphatic System

Lesson 10: The Spleen Nervous System, The Brain

Lesson 11: The Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nervous System

Lesson 12: Autonomic Nervous System

Lesson 13: The Skeletal System

Lesson 14: Bones of the Skull

Lesson 15: Bones of the Shoulder

Lesson 16: The Digestive System, The Skin

Lesson 17: Epidermis

Lesson 18: Appendages of the skin


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Level 5 Anatomy & Physiology Training